I’m really excited to be getting Brookhurst off the ground. This band has been in the works for around a year and a half. I started writing songs when Goodbye Valentine died down, and recruited Joe for some jam sessions. The songs were coming out pretty cool – just straight up rock songs (of course there’s some punk rawk in there, it’s what I grew up with). We got together with a fella named Dave for a while, which ended up not working out, but left us with some demo tracks that I sent to Steven to check out.
Steven and I have known each other for around 10 years now, since we played in Craig’s Brother together (he was a ripe young spring chicken of 17 back in those days!). He seemed really stoked on the stuff I had sent him, going so far as to put some rough vocals over the songs. I’ve always loved HeyMike! and Steven’s sense of melody, so I was really excited to hear the results.
Steven ended up coming out to jam with us on the 4 songs or so that we had at that point, and everything just seemed to click. Joe is a monster, and one of the best drummers I’ve ever played with, and Steven is just awesome. We all get along great and I think the music rocks really hard (not to mention how fun it is to play).
Now, after all this time, we’ve got a full set, a demo in the works, and shows booked. Like I said, I’m really excited. Hopefully you are, too!